Friday, April 1, 2011

I have a love/hate relationship with myself. Today I love myself.
I love that I can forgive just about anyone, especially my father.
I love that I can move on (for the most part) from my past and look forward to the future.
I love that I feel like I can do it all and without the help of anyone.
I love the feeling that I can push myself to see my goals become reality.
I love that I can feel different and special- even if I know, no one else notices me.
I love how I can make myself happy just by hearing God's voice, a beautiful song, or be moved by something I see on television.
I love how I care about people to the utmost part of my being- even if they mistreat me.
I love that I am different because I want to change and never be the same.
I love that I love adventure.
I love that I don't settle when it comes to men.
I love that I love to read and I seek knowledge through reading. I love that I find more about myself through the art of reading.
I love it when i work out because I feel beautiful.
I love that I can appreciate the little things each day.
I love that I love my family and I can accept most friends as family.
I love that even though I have a fight with them, I can always tell them (even if I'm mad) that I love them.
I love that I try to learn everything.
I love that I love to be better, inside and out.
I love how I love.