Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 2&3

So I lost another 2 1/2 pounds on day 2! yay! So basically that is 4 1/2 pounds in two days! wow! I also did not have a chance to weigh myself on day 3 because I was nannying overnight. I had a pitch of cheese and bacon in my salad last night because I had to go out and buy dinner. I only put a very very small amount of dressing as well. Lately I've been making the kids food and I'm starring at their food wishing I could take a bite, BUT I HAVEN'T! I'm very proud of myself that I haven't. This morning I treated myself to a Starbucks green tea and it was awesome! I loved it! Day 3 I was still hungry but not as hungry as day 1 and 2 so I know its getting better but damn, the cravings can be crazy! I'm actually really loving this diet though, I can practically hear my body talking to me and I'm learning the difference between hunger and an empty feeling. I'm drinking tons of water and I said I wasn't going to do a tablespoon of fat free milk on the diet but I've been using that in my whey protein just to give it kick.

But today is Day 3 and I'm already hungry after my tea haha but to me, it's worth it. On my loading days I gained 2 pounds and was 147 and yesterday I was 141 so that is a lot of weight! I'm loving all the foods too. I love the tea, i love my homemade salad dressing and my spicey shrimp with mrs. dash seasoning. I love asparagus and cucumbers and my apples and strawberries. I also made my famous no carb soup that no one seems to love but me :) haha which is good because they wont eat any! drinking broth on this diet has helped me get my water intake in and has calmed my cravings... so far so good!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

This first day of being on the 500 calorie diet went ok. I literally mean ok because I think I went 100 calories over, it was all protein though and I didn't mean to, I was literally starving! here is what I had today:

water 1 cup
I had one cup of green organic tea
apple with 1/2 scoop of whey protein
6 ounces of mahi mahi (plain) with asparagus water 1 cup
1 scoop of no xplode with water 2 cups
no carb veggie and chicken soup 4 cups (mostly broth)
1 can of tuna and 2 cups of spinach
1 handful of strawberries and 1 scoop non fat whipped cream

I didn't work out but I was cleaning and doing stuff all day and standing around cooking. It was a busy day! I woke up today and I got on the scale and I've lost 2 pounds! I thought I was only going to lose one so I'm proud of myself!

Today is my first day at work on this diet and I'm nervous. Usually my job is so stressful I love to eat, before, during and after work. So this is a test.

I also had the best sleep of my life last night, I'm not sure why if it was the hcg or not but seriously, I had thee best sleep ever... if every night was like that I would love to go to sleep!

I'll update soon! I'm excited I started at 145 and now I'm 143! I can't wait to be 138 or 135! eek!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Today is the last day on phase 1 of my hcg diet. For the past two days I have been eating everything I can, it's actually making me feel sick but it is nice to not have to think about calories or fat quantity or anything like that. I'll only have to be on this diet for about 30 to 40 days, probably just 30 days to lose 25-30 pounds... most people lose 30 pounds in 30 days so I'm excited! I'm not dumb, I know it will be hard to stick with this diet for 30 days let alone the phase 3 which is matienence phase. Phase 3 is about keeping the weight off and changing your hypothalamus so you don't gain all the weight back. I've done so much research on the diet and yes I know that 500 calories is a very low amount but I'll be working out so I'll actually be eating 800 to 1000 on the days I'll be lifting light weights. I wont be working out as much as I normally do though because eating is the most important thing. I've even come up with a diet menu for every week.

Breakfast - yerba mate tea w/stevia (1 1/2 cups water)

Snack- one apple with cinnamon & water (2 cups)

Lunch - asparagus (big handful) + Shake - 1/2 scoops of whey protein + water (2 cups)

Snack- no xplode (1 scoop) with water (2 cups)

Dinner - 1/2 cup of cottage cheese (organic nonfat) & 1 handful of strawberries

Dessert- tea (1 ½ water)

Breakfast - yerba mate tea w/stevia

Snack - Granny smith apple with cinnamon + water (2 cups)

Lunch - 4 egg whites & 2 cups of spinach

Snack- asparagus (big handful) + no xplode (1 scoop) with water (2 cups)

Dinner – ½ can of tuna in water & a cucumber with a tbsp of apple vinegar 2 melba toasts

Dessert- Pink grapefruit + tea (1 ½ water)

Breakfast - Yerba Mate tea with stevia

Snack- one apple with cinnamon & water (2 cups)

Lunch – 3oz piece of chicken & granny smith apple and spinach

Snack- no xplode (1 scoop) with water (2 cups)

Dinner - 3/4 cup of lowfat cottage cheese or 4 egg whites + grapfruit (1/2) + asparagus

Dessert- tea (1 ½ water)

Breakfast - yerba mate tea w/stevia

Snack- granny smith apple

Lunch - Shake - 1/2 scoops of whey protein + water (2 cups), and a cucumber

Snack- no xplode (1 scoop) with water (2 cups)

Dinner – 2 melba toasts + handful of shrimp + spinach + water (2 cups)

Dessert- 1 handful of strawberries + tea (1 ½ water)

So as you can see on the left I am almost done with the two loading days and thank you God because its been hard to force myself to eat more fat because I feel gross and fat. Last night I had a stomach ache and it was hard going to sleep because of all the carbs and sugar. But you know, I'm doing this because I don't have that much weight to lose and I know I can do this. I know it will be hard, but I will lose weight fast and that is the point. I'm sick and tired of not losing a pound a week and then not losing anything the week after. I'm inconsistent when I'm hungry and this diet won't make me hungry supposedly haha I will update more often and will post a picture tomorrow when I start the 500 calories tomorrow.
I will also be doing Chalene Extreme and yoga as my work outs, they are hard and I want to make sure I am not losing muscle. yoga and CE is only 30 minutes a day so I know I can do that :) When I'm working and watching kids though I will eat a little more, around 800 calories because sometimes I even sweat. I might have to play around with this because I don't want to starve myself or anything by working out, I can't help certain things though so I will let you know how it goes!

Tonight I'm going to clean my room, work out with my best friend, and maybe paint on a blank cavas :) I'm nervous and scared but I know I'll see results!!!! Gotta believe in things sometimes!