Thursday, February 10, 2011

Update part deux!

I find that when I post on my blog it's usually because I'm sitting at the front desk of my job- answering phones lol I can't seem to find any other time to write in this blog! Maybe being a receptionist makes you think and ponder, which, in turn, makes you wanna write!

I got on the scale today and lost half of a pound. I was like, seriously ? that's it? But whatever. My body is really stubborn. If I was just an average person I would think I was pregnant, but NO... I'm def. not preggers. So I have no idea what is making me keep this weight on. I can HONESTLY say, without lying to myself, that I've done perfectly on diet. The ONLY thing I can think of is maybe the salad dressing for dinner I've had, but I still counted the calories.

This GMU video essay thing is a bitch. I'm not good at video stuff and I tried to record myself last night and not only did I look horrible but the background (aka my room) was not a good scene and I seemed to be sitting too far away from the camera... etc etc. This whole thing is annoying. I'm trying to hurry up and finish this thing but It's really hard and takes up a lot of time. I was up till one last night playing with the video because I've never done this stuff before. The only good thing that came out of the video is how sincere I was. I really want to go to mason and I know I belong there. I know I'm suppose to be there- and that is the whole point of why I'm doing the optional video anyway. I've already made the slideshow so I just need to make the actual video better, maybe put on some makeup, and find a better place and then put it together with my powerpoint slides, music and some effects. Sounds easy but it's not! I still need to edit my essay too... stupid essay. My essay is dumb too because I have to answer the question about volunteer work and I'm like, all I do is school, homework, work, workout.. etc. who has time for volunteer work when you're trying to better your life and make a future for yourself? All I have is stuff I've done at church and little things right after high school so that's why that essay is just ok to me.

me and my loss of a half of a pound is going back to work now!

Last day on this detox thing!

p.s. I wish I could do this for myself for valentine's day

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  1. So, I don't want to get onto a weight till I finish my 90 days. I guess I want to be surprised. I can see the change but I am anxious if I have gained weight or not. I know how badly you want to loose the weight, but make sure that you are eating right and not neglecting your hunger. But hang in there my fantastic friend. You'll get to your target. You just need to keep focus and keep an eye to the prize. Here's a hint...it's not that far. ;).