Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It is day 2 and I've done great... no, not great, fantastic!!

I had two shakes, two snacks and a great dinner. I felt really weird yesterday though, which didn't help me while I was studying, but ya know, I did my best. I took my first bio 102 test today and I hope I get an A but I'm sure I got a B on it! It wasn't hard at all.. I studied all day yesterday with ease!

So for the first time today, in a very VERY long time... everything is going right.

I'm doing great on this detox thing, I'm not hungry today, I feel so lite lol and I feel great. I think when your body craves junk food it is because you are missing a nutrient or mineral that you body can not naturally produce- but yesterday and today I feel really good. I feel like my body is thanking me. I haven't lost anything, but this still feels right, I dont feel like I'm doing anything wrong so I'm gonna keep going!

I also got a bonus today at my job! So I'm very happy today!

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