Thursday, October 28, 2010


Dating websites seem like a trick to me. I went on one a long time ago and all I got were granades! lol! I do think its a great way to meet new people but most guys just want to get laid- not have a girlfriend. if things go the natural way it takes forever!!!!!! I'm serious, it takes a long time to find a spark with someone. Honestly its only happened to me once- when I liked him and he likes me back but most of the time he doesn't like me or I dont like him back. I shoud try a chirstian website but I feel like only ugly people do this because they desperatly need someone. I dont need someone- I just want someone- the right one. But I guess its just not the right timing. WHICH SUCKS! i do think unless God tells you to go on a webiste then you shouldn't do it because its like going against God's love story he is writing for you. but you only live once! lol

who wouldn't want to date me anyway??

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