Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wishin & Hopin..

I wish I was pretty. Like, wow pretty. I have such a good personality and I have a pretty good face and legs but that's about it. I'm pale, I have a huge stomach, back fat, crooked teeth and really thin hair I think I'll loose when I'm old. I am attractive- guys call me "cute." who the hell wants to be called cute? I feel like ugly guys call me beautiful and hott guys call me cute. and if those hott guys want to have sex with me? all of a sudden I'm beautiful and hott. They're just saying that. I guess I'm being negative and harsh on myself because I feel the reaosn why I dont have a man is because of my looks or his looks. But deep down I know i was made for one man and he will find me irrisitable. Where the hell is he?????? My heart longs for attention from men and why? because I have father issues. I crave sex because I love the way a man treats a woman during sex- with passion, desire... I miss that! I want that all the time with someone who truly cares for me. I just feel ugly today. Inside and out.

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